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FORK 1002 Preparatory Course in Elementary Statistics (August 2014)

  • Lecturer: Genaro Sucarrat
  • Course description
  • Handouts: 1 Key Concepts and Basic Statistics, 2 Regression Analysis, 3 Qualitative Explanatory Variables
  • Exercises: Set 1 (solutions), Set 2 (solutions), Set 3 (solutions), Set 4 (solutions)
  • Statistical tables: Normal distribution, t distribution, Chi-square distribution, F distribution
  • Datasets: Class-data (all: SPSS, Excel, sample: SPSS, Excel), Viagra (SPSS, Excel), Houses (SPSS, Excel), Infidelity (SPSS, Excel), Wages (SPSS, Excel), Women labour market participation (SPSS, Excel)
  • Statistical software: SPSS

  • Some useful SPSS resources (from Andy Field's book Discovering Statistics Using SPSS): Other useful resources: Schedule (10h-14h45 each day):

    Day Date Room Contents [last updated]

    Tue 5/8 C2-060 0 Introduction [5/8/2014], 1 Key Concepts and Basic Statistics [6/8/2014]
    Wed 6/8 C2-060 1 Key Concepts and Basic Statistics (cont.), 2 Regression Analysis [6/8/2014], 14h-14h45 in computer lab (B1-040)
    Thu 7/8 C2-060 2 Regression Analysis (cont.), 13h-14h45 in computer lab (B1-040)
    Fri 8/8 C2-060 CANCELLED: 3 Qualitative Explanatory Variables [6/8/2014], 13h-14h45 in computer lab (B1-040)